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iNet - Internet Service Provider

If you are searching an ISP company who can provide you best Internet Connection with proper Technical Support and can meet your requirement then iNet is the right solution for you.
You will get more from your expectation.

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Payment Flexibility

ঘরে বসে বাড়তি খরচ ছাড়াই আপনার ইন্টারনেট বিল পরিশোধ করুন বিকাশ পেমেন্ট এর মাধ্যমে।
বিকাশ নাম্বার 0199 999 3606

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Choose your packages

We provide
you all data transfer rate detail
for your best understanding
zero confusion and choose better pick

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FTTH Network
Lag free gaming performance
CDN & Cache server for stream
Bangladeshi top FTP & movie server
Easy bill payment system
Fiber optic Connection
Public IP (real IP)
Lag free & low latency internet
Redundancy network facility
24/7 online support
WiFi Zone-Coming Soon
IShope-Coming Soon


How do i know how much speed i am getting

You can check your speed from nPerf Speed Test and select Singapore server or visit

For accurate result stop background activities and use our connection directly your computer or laptop during testing period.
You can also monitor your network traffic via bandwidth monitoring tools like DU Meter, NetSpeedMonitor etc.

Why is my internet slow

Several factors can be involved, first check other computers to see if the speed is the same. Next try using an ethernet cable to directly connect to the router. Check if you have multiple programs trying to download information simultaneously that may be slowing each other down. When other computers have the same speed, check with your internet provider for any known issues.

Why is my computer the only one not able to access the internet

If other devices can access the internet, the computer may be having a driver related issue. This can be reinstalled in Device Manager.

My Computer has the yellow triangle, what can I try to do

The yellow triangle means it is connected but is not getting internet Try restarting the modem and router by unplugging them for thirty seconds and plugging it back in.

A website does not load, what can I do

Try other websites, this would help check your internet connection. Try a different computer, this would check if it is the website itself. Finally, try a different browser to eliminate a browser issue.

How do I check my internet speed

Visit speed test for check your internet connection.

I can connect to the network, but my connection keeps dropping

You may be moving out of range of the WiFi. Check your device’s WiFi signal strength indicator and move to a different location. Some devices may automatically disconnect you from the wireless network when they have not been used for a period of time. It’s also possible that your location may be causing interference with the WiFi signal – try moving to another location and attempt to connect to the service.

Why i face high latency sometime specially in peak hour

You may share a junction box with other customers in your area. If everyone is trying to connect at the same time, you may get slow internet or facing high latency. To avoid this issue please connect with your service provider through optical fiber connection.

How can i pay bill

You can pay bill through Cash, bKash, Rocket, Nagad, Payment Gateway, Bank Transfer etc. Please check payment section of our website or Contact Accounts at 01999-993606.

How can i contact customer support

You can call our customer support at 01976-993606, 01999-993606 or email customer support at Our online support is available for 24/7 and physical support is available from 10am to 8pm. You need to complain before 5pm to get physical support in same days.