Home Broadband Internet

iNet is providing one of the fastest broadband internet and network solutions throughout Dakshinkhan, reliable for both gamers and regular users.

Corporate/SME Internet

Offering dedicated internet connection with various network solutions ensuring network stability for our Corporate and SME consumers. Along with a support manager for 24/7 response.

Network Solutions

iNet provides both LAN & WAN networks solutions. With the help of our experienced network engineers, we ensure the most efficient Network solutions for our clients.

Network Security

iNet also provides CCTV IP surveillance solutions ensuring top of the line security to your end.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Get a dedicated server hosted on your end to complete your daily needs with efficient network routing and configuration.

CCTV System Solutions

iNet provides high end CCTV and IP surveillance solutions.

Data Connectivity

iNet offers various solutions for Data connectivity. Keeping our system updated with the latest technologies, we ensure the most efficient data connectivity solutions for our clients.

Dedicated Internet

Dedicated high-speed internet connectivity with multiple upstream support and multiple backup links to ensure 99.9% uptime.
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Pricing Plans

Choose a package that suits your budget & business.

সিম্পলের মধ্যে গর্জিয়াস

5 Mbps

TK500 /mo

Purche Now

    সাধ্যের মধ্যে সবটুকু

    10 Mbps

    TK800 /mo

    Purche Now


      15 Mbps

      TK1000 /mo

      Purche Now


        30 Mbps

        TK1500 /mo

        Purche Now

        Ready to start? Locate our coverage area

        iNet is spread almost everywhere in Dakshinkhan Thana. Check the availability of all coverage areas in Dakshinkhan.

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        Happy clients

        Some of our happy clients using iNet's fastest internet.